How Veganism Is Changing My Life

With so many options available to us and ideas of healthy living being shoved down everyone’s throats, it truly comes down to the type of life you wish to live.

I choose veganism.

I am not just nourishing my body but it is constantly enhancing my life and my ultimate future goals. I am supporting a cause that I am passionate about while teaching my son a sustainable and loving lifestyle.

Also! I look and feel GOOD.

Regardless of the reasons why we choose to adjust our lifestyles or diets, seeing and feeling the results is always a huge success. No one enjoys a diet with little to zero results…

What I am personally experiencing as a vegan is amazing and definitely worth sharing.

From the inside out, I feel INCREDIBLE.

1. My hair is healthier than ever.

2. My nails are healthier than ever.

3. My skin is soft and bright. Without sounding like a complete ass, I get told that “I’m glowing”. And that is a GREAT feeling.

4. I wake up earlier than ever.

5. I sleep better than ever.

6. My digestive system is ON POINT. Again, better than ever.

7. I have more energy.

8. I feel more alert and productive.

9. I experience less anxiety.

10. My results from working out show faster than ever.

11. I never get sick. Ever.

12. I heal faster (cuts and bruises).

13. My body just feels CLEAN and it shows from the inside out.

Fountain of youth…? It is highly possible!

There is also a lot to be said for the ultimate outlook on life that this lifestyle brings to the table.

Being vegan is positive and it is truly love.

I believe that we receive the same energy that we put out in to the world so when you are nothing but a clean, loving and happy being, you receive a lot of that in return. I am experiencing it now. I have been overwhelmed with opportunities to better mine and my family’s lives.

What matters to me most is that I have this overwhelming sense of pride in the smallest choices that I make everyday. My quality of life has enhanced as an individual, as a mother and as a partner. I have developed a true love and passion for my life with an unexpected feeling of purpose.

This is a lifestyle that can truly change your life in the most positive and powerful ways.

Mind, Body & Soul.

With all of the diets, the meal plans, and the lifestyle changes out there, wouldn’t you like to know that when you make the changes, you aren’t just doing it for you…?

I choose longevity for myself, for my family, and for our planet. ♡

A mindful approach to the way we live our lives is how we slowly better “The Bigger Picture”

My approach here is to not necessarily push anyone in a direction to be a strict vegan, but rather offer a different perspective. A mindful approach to the way that we live our lives is how we slowly better “The Bigger Picture” for ourselves and for our children. I’m thinking long term here. We as individuals can make a big difference and when you truly believe this, amazing things happen around you.

So, I was doing something that I should never EVER be doing… Scrolling through Instagram comments. I came across a particularly interesting post that offered awareness and information about the production of Cow’s Milk and how the cows are treated during the process. I don’t know if you know this, but it is in fact horrifying. I don’t plan on going in to depths about dairy farms but I do believe that awareness is important so please research away…

Anyway, I started reading the comments below and What. A. Mistake. The majority of these comments (hundreds of comments) were from other users that expressed complete and utter hatred towards vegans and the lifestyle. It was fascinating to read but for a moment I lost serious hope. I try not to live in a complete bubble and ignore the outside world but I do have this tendency of thinking that the “Vegan Revolution” is taking over. After reading these comments, I realized that this most definitely is NOT the case. And hang on a minute, how can anyone hate vegans?! This is news to me…

I tend to be overly empathetic and will stop what I am doing just so that I can analyze it from absolutely every angle. To me, this is a blessing and a curse. This allows me to make small changes on a daily basis that better my life but it can also be quite depressing. I tend to feel guilt when I participate in what most people consider an every day thing. Balancing these feelings can get quite tricky but I have come to terms with the fact that I have purpose behind my lifestyle and at the end of the day, this makes me very happy.

I can’t remember the last time I had cow’s milk in my home but I can tell you that I don’t miss it. It doesn’t take long to adjust to something new and when you know that you aren’t just making the change for your own health but becoming a part of something bigger, the changes seem to stick. Understanding that a small change in your home has a ripple affect and that you have the power to make these positive changes is pretty cool. I geek out over this stuff…

We have so many alternatives available to us and they are DELICIOUS. Also, Fun Fact, these alternatives are much better for us.

Imagine getting healthier while helping a good cause…

Food for thought.

Also, how cute are those little Scottish cows!!? I’m obsessed…

Below is my absolute favorite milk alternative. Oatly isn’t easy to find in stores but it is available on Amazon. I made a mean Alfredo Sauce with it the other night ♡

You won’t regret buying this product.

Organic vs Non Organic

I like to think of myself as a very curious person (too curious) and when “the mood strikes”, I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. Sometimes, a reminder that everyone has a unique story and has been through hardship is important for your own personal perspective. I especially appreciate meeting like minded people (of course) but there is also something to be said about explaining my lifestyle to a total skeptic. I absolutely love it.

Last week I met this lovely woman who works at a local food bank as a Coordinator of some sort. Don’t ask me how I know this but she makes damn near 100k a year! I’m curious remember…? Some “Non Profits” are SUPER profitable… But a food bank? I am still so intrigued but good for her I thought…

We got to talking about my life as a Vegan and she was completely fascinated. She told me about a time “years ago” when she tried to be a Vegetarian for a boyfriend and how she failed miserably. She had zero guidance so she resorted to a lot of dairy products and salads. It was also a time when finding alternatives was not as easily accessible and it was just “confusing” she said. However, she explained that it still helped her to lose almost 25 pounds in 3 months!

Also at the time, she was a Produce Manager at a Safeway and Organic Produce was just becoming more and more desirable. She explained to me that her and her co-workers had been getting chemical burns on their hands from handling Non Organic fruits and vegetables. It was “normal” she explained. Chemical burns?! She described it being pretty painful and how the chemicals were “eating her skin”. However, when Organic Produce started making an impact on the shelves, they all noticed a HUGE difference. She eventually started doing her own research and paying more attention to how Organic made her feel as opposed to what she had been consuming for years. “There is no comparison. Non Organic is just wrong” she said.

For me, the thought of consuming fruits and vegetables that have the potential to give your skin chemical burns is TERRIFYING. My stomach hurts just thinking about it.

We both talked about the importance of finding local farmers with seasonal Fruits and Veggies but that is not always easy. It is a busy life we all live and convenience is a necessity for most. Thankfully, Organic is in every store and we all have access to it. It is an exciting time for healthy foodies.

I had done minimal research before and decided years ago to primarily eat Organic. Investing in mine and my family’s health just makes sense to me.

However, this woman got my wheels turning so I decided to research all the pesticides and chemicals that are used regularly in and on our foods that are “Non Organic”.

I really hate to break it to you but this is bad news. It’s just BAD for us and terrible for others. While doing some of this research, I found so many articles explaining some of the testing done on lab animals and my heart breaks for them.

Did you know that there is over 60 Fungicides, Herbicides, and Insecticides being sprayed on to and put into our foods? SIXTY FIVE to be exact. I am no doctor but I understand the basics of anatomy and this is not good. I immediately start wondering what these chemicals do inside of our bodies… Don’t you? I don’t want to say Cancer buuuuut it makes sense doesn’t it?

When our bodies are fighting to process something that we have consumed or exposed ourselves to, we are more likely to get sick. If we aren’t functioning at maximum capacity, we are susceptible to all kinds of viruses and diseases. When we consume these UNNATURAL chemicals, we are introducing something that was never meant to be inside of us and our bodies have to fight hard to process it and get rid of it. Also, if we continue to introduce it and put our bodies through this constant fight, we will begin to have long term affects. That makes sense right?

I’ve never put the wrong oil in my car’s engine but if I did, the engine life would be much shorter..

Before providing you with the entire list, here are a few pesticides that startled me the most.

Chlorpyrifos is an organophosphate pesticide known for its damaging effects on the human nervous system. Like all OP’s, Chlorpyrifos blocks an enzyme (acetylcholinesterase) that our brains need to control acetylcholine, one of the many neurotransmitters mediating communication between nerve cells. Chlorpyrifos is used on a wide variety of crops including applesorangesstrawberriescornwheat,citrus and other foods that we eat on a daily basis. In fact, over half of all apples and broccoli in the U.S. are sprayed with Chlorpyrifos.    

Methomyl is a broad-spectrum insecticide that is used to kill insects. Wikipedia says “It is highly toxic to humans, livestock, pets, and wildlife”. Methomyl is registered for commercial/professional use under certain conditions on sites including fields, vegetables, orchard crops and livestock quarters.  

Carbendazim causes infertility and destroys the testicles of laboratory animals. Carbendazim is found to be acutely toxic to honeybees, having an effect on long term survival of colonies. Foods with Carbendazim residues include: strawberries, green beans, apple sauce, blueberries, sweet bell peppers, apples, cherries, green onions, spinach, bananas, honey, lettuce, water, celery, cauliflower, celery & broccoli.


That is just 3 of 65.

This is terrifying. I can’t help but think of all the side effects that people may be experiencing on a daily basis and they have no idea. I can’t help but think about the side affects our Planet is experiencing and not enough is being done to prevent it. Bumblebees are now on the endangered species list in the US. This is all very bad.

To me, organic is the “no brainer” here.

We have an opportunity to stand against something unjust and to make a difference simply by not buying these products. We have an obligation to our children to teach them right from wrong and this is wrong.

If you’d like to dive further in, I am attaching a link to the total list of pesticides.

Never Look Back

Vegan & Sugar Free Blackberry Ice Cream (recipe below)

Whether you are trying to become a Vegetarian, a Vegan or just trying to live a healthier lifestyle, I have something that I’d love to share with you.

For me, the very first step is knowing that I want to make a change.

Nothing really happens overnight so it is completely OK to take “baby steps” and to slowly change the habits that concern you. Knowing that you want to make a change is incredibly exciting so try to focus on all the positive reasons you are wanting to start. It doesn’t need to be so daunting.

Being realistic about your approach is going to be so incredibly helpful and ultimately longer lasting. Take one step at a time. Diets that require us to adjust EVERYTHING immediately only set us up for failure in the long run.

When I knew that I wanted to make a change, I started with Red Meat. That was an easy choice because it wasn’t a necessity in my life. Pick an easy choice! It wasn’t hard to stop buying Red Meat at the supermarket or to stop bringing it in to the house. However, I had to promise myself that even when I went out to eat, I would not order ANYTHING with Red Meat in it. If I’m taking baby steps, there is no cheating. That’s the hardest part.

You may mess up once in a while but this is ultimately teaching “self control” which again, does not happen overnight. I knew almost 6 years ago that I wanted to eventually be Vegan and I just RECENTLY made the final adjustments in my life.

When you decide what it is that you are ready to cut out of your life, it needs to be a quick “breakup”. Maybe even think of it like a breakup! Let’s say you are “breaking up” with Ice Cream… First, you would probably want to get rid of everything in your house and in your life that reminds you of Ice Cream. You definitely don’t want to run in to Ice Cream at the store or at your favorite restaurants and you will want/need the support from your family and friends.

So, whatever it is that you want to stop eating first, it will have to disappear. Again, you are starting with ONE small change so remind yourself of that. This is ONE thing that will get you one step closer to your ultimate goal.

Also, if you are a parent and have a partner, this can be a great way to ease them in to your new lifestyle changes/goals.

It is so fun finding alternatives to your favorite meals/treats and it doesn’t have to be expensive. We now have so many options available to us it’s incredible. I typically like to research new alternatives that are hitting the shelves and will plan to pick up a few when I shop next. Not everything you find will be the “perfect fit” but it will open you up to trying new things and is ultimately a good habit to have. It is also a good example for our kids.

If you start with one thing at a time and perfect the change, eventually you will know how to make these changes quicker and you will have the tools to do it properly.

For me, taking it slow ensures that I am positive and ready to take this lifestyle on completely. I’m ready and with no hesitation or second thoughts. I have ultimately trained years for this moment… So now, when I run in to Ice Cream, I am confident, happy and healthy. I will never look back.

Ice Cream won’t know what hit em.

Vegan & Sugar Free Blackberry Ice Cream Recipe

  • 3 Cups- Blackberries (Fresh or Frozen)
  • 1/2 Lemon- Zest
  • 2 Cans- Coconut Milk (full fat)
  • 3/8 Cup- Maple syrup
  • 1 Pinch- Salt

Blend these ingredients together and put in the freezer for at least 2 hours. Then, sit back, indulge… And never look back.